Map. History of Colombia conflict

18 April 2021
2 year ago
Maduro on the trucks of humanitarian aid burned at the border: "It was not us, it was you, Ivan Duque, and yours Colombian criminals who burned those trucks with rotten food"
Maduro: The Antena 3 channel attacks us daily, they tell lies about our management, and in Colombia there is also a campaign to justify a war.
Colombia: Colombia has the information (of what happened on the border) minute by minute and is willing to send it to the Security Council
Colombia in the Security Council of the UN: The situation in Venezuela is marked by a massive violation of human rights and an unprecedented migration crisis.
Jorge Arreaza at UNSC says there was an "operation to violate sovereignty and no lethal force was used." Violence came from Colombia, he said.
Colombian police removes press from the Francisco de Paula Santander bridge on the Colombian-Venezuelan border in the face of crackdown by Venezuelan Guards
Video: Venezuelan trooper coming to Colombia with his child
New clashes between protesters on the Colombian side and Venezuelan security forces on other side of bridge in Ureña.
President Guaidó reported that he issued instructions to continue demonstrations if he arrested
Migration Colombia reports that there are already more than 326 officials of the PNB, GNB, Army, Navy and FAES who have crossed the border, condemning the Maduro government
Urena: Citizens asked military officials to let them through. National Guard ensures that only "comply with orders" of not allowing pedestrian passage to Colombia.
There are 270 deserters from the Venezuelan armed forces who have arrived in Colombia
Clashes again at the Francisco de Paula Santander bridge. The truck that burned on Saturday, burned again.
Venezuelan National Guard fired directly at the Colombian police on the Simón Bolívar international bridge. Report: @sincepto
Two women from the GNB enter Colombia and leave the FANB. Video: @AudreyCarrillo
Massive crackdown on the Simón Bolívar Bridge.
Declaration of the Lima Group in support of the process of democratic transition and the reconstruction of Venezuela
MFA of Colombia, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, on behalf of the Lima Group: "There is information about 'serious and credible' threats to the life of Guaidó and his family"
Lima Group asks the International Criminal Court to consider "serious" situation in Venezuela
National Guard of Venezuela shoots tear gas bombs towards the Colombian side
Strong clashes now on the Simón Bolívar International Bridge. Two injured
Pence: The US will back Colombia if someone threatens
Active major, deputy director of combat training, denounce Maduro and puts himself at the order of Guaidó
Clashes are registered for the third consecutive day on the Simón Bolívar bridge on the Colombian-Venezuelan border
Carlos Arteaga, sergeant of the Venezuelan National Guard, crosses the Colombian-Venezuelan border and joins the military group against Maduro.
New clashes at the Simón Bolívar Bridge, National Guard(GNB) from the Venezuelan side, protesters from the other
Venezuelan Supreme Court(in exile) calls for the formation of the International Military Coalition for the Peace Mission to create Humanitarian Channel into Venezuela
Acting President @jguaido at meeting of the #GrupoLima: They wanted to show that it is a dilemma between war and peace. There is no dilemma, it is peace that must prevail. The dilemma is between democracy and dictatorship, is to save lives or allow massacres like the one that happens today.
[email protected]: appeasing the usurpation of the power would be a threat to democracy throughout the Americas.
President @IvanDuque in meeting of the #GrupoLima: What exists in Venezuela is a shameful dictatorship that has been backed with terrorism. Many illegal groups operating in Colombia are based in Venezuelan territory
#GrupoDeLima Juan Guaidó arrives at the Lima Group meeting with Mike Pence and Iván Duque
Diplomats of the consulate of Colombia, in San Antonio, Táchira state, leave the country at the Simón Bolívar international bridge, as requested by the Maduro
President Iván Duque "We are not facing a dilemma of war and peace, we are facing a dilemma of the continuation of tyranny or democracy." President Duque reports that there are more than 150 soldiers have crossed the border.
The vice president of U.S., Mike Pence; the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, and the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, join hands during the meeting of the Lima group
[email protected] tells @IvanDuque at the meeting that "Venezuela will no longer be a sanctuary" for groups like the ELN
Cúcuta: Venezuelans cross the Táchira River to reach Venezuela or enter Colombia via @Mariananduque
Two more officers of the Bolivarian National Guard with an anti-drug dog arrive in Colombia. The military entered by gauge and the Colombian troops waited for them on the side of the neighboring country.
[email protected] with @IvanDuque and @mike_pence. Ivan Duque: It seems supremely important to note that killing indigenous people and blocking a ship from Puerto Rico is the greatest moral defeat of this dictatorship. We received more than 150 Venezuelan soldiers
[email protected] meeets with @VP Mike Pence.
One of Venezuelan National Guard serviceman has defected to Colombia with his dog
Colombian Foreign Minister @CarlosHolmesTru says that South Korea recognized @jguaido as interim president of Venezuela.2 year ago
Colombian Foreign Minister @CarlosHolmesTru says that South Korea recognized @jguaido as interim president of Venezuela.
U.S. Vice President, Mike Pence (@VP), is already in Bogotá, Colombia, to attend the meeting of Lima Group and to address the situation in Venezuela2 year ago
U.S. Vice President, Mike Pence (@VP), is already in Bogotá, Colombia, to attend the meeting of Lima Group and to address the situation in Venezuela
U.S. Vice President, Mike Pence (@VP), is already in Bogotá, Colombia, to attend the meeting of Lima Group and to address the situation in Venezuela
MFA of Colombia @CarlosHolmesTru: What is destroying Venezuela destroys us all. In the Lima Group, we have not been accomplices in what is going on and that is why the statement we will adopt today is important.
Vice Minister of Peru Hugo De La Zela at the opening of the Lima Group meeting: The use of force is an unacceptable solution for Venezuela. We fight for a peaceful solution.
Colombian MFA @CarlosHolmesTru at the opening of the Lima Group meeting: We reaffirm again and again our commitment to the democratic transition and the restoration of constitutional order in Venezuela.
9:30 am.Start meeting of the Lima Group
RCH480 077184 USAF C17A track from Haiti into Colombia2 year ago
RCH480 077184 USAF C17A track from Haiti into Colombia
Another National guard trooper has surrendered to Colombian authorities just moments ago. In a short dialogue he recognized the president @jguaido
Apure: In El Amparo citizens choose to jump into the river to cross closed Colombian-Venezuelan border
As Border closed Venezuelans use illegal crossings between Colombia and Venezuela to reach Cúcuta. Smugglers charge between 5 thousand and 20 thousand pesos
Simón Bolívar Bridge on Colombia - Venezuela border at dawn
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