22 June 2021
Ivan Duque announced the capture of an important commander of the ELN group
The president of Colombia, @IvanDuque, spoke with the new US ambassador to Colombia, Philip Goldberg, about the application of the TIAR and a military intervention due to the tension situation with Venezuela, the migration crisis, support for terrorism and drug trafficking
Reuters: Venezuelans are already 3.4% of the total population of Colombia. Venezuelans in Colombia, more trained but less paid
1 year ago
Colombia on orange alert for military deployment of the Venezuelan government on the border
Juan Guaido says that it was citizens of the border who helped him cross the border that February 22 when he arrived in Colombia. 13Sep (Interview with @BluRadioCo)
President @IvanDuque says to the EU High Representative @FedericaMog that the threat that the Maduro government poses represented by his protection of narcoterrorist groups.
Colombian Foreign Minister Carlos Holmes recalled that Venezuela's support for terrorism dates from the Chavez government
President @IvanDuque: We talked with Mogherini about the efforts we have made to house more than one million Venezuelans.
Representative of @jguaido at the OAS, Gustavo Tarre Briceño (@tarrebriceno): "There are a range of options that can be taken with the activation of the Tiar, ranging from the rupture of diplomatic operations and others to the use of military forces"
Colombian Foreign Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo, showed at the OAS a map with the locations of FARC members in Venezuela. - Apure, Amazonas, Bolívar, Táchira and Zulia are some of the states where Maduro protects the militants
The US supports the return of Venezuela to the TIAR as "Maduro threatens the peace and stability of the region". Ivan Duque "thanks the OAS for the first step to activate the TIAR in the face of Maduro's threat"
Colombia will denounce Cuba before the UN for not arresting ELN leaders who are in its territory
Táchira: Border military exercises started at La Fría airport
#SessionOEA @CarlosHolmesTru Foreign Minister of Colombia: "The relationship between the Venezuelan government and the illegal armed groups is not new, dating at least two decades ago"
Vice President @mluciaramirez: Colombia will not fall into the 'provocations' of Maduro
Venezuela: Maduro announced the launch of military exercises on the border with Colombia amid growing bilateral tension
Ex-commander of FARC Jesús Santrich accuses Iván Duque of treason, for modifying the Peace Agreement
Elliott Abrams: Activation of the TIAR does not mean military action in Venezuela
1 year ago
Colombian military is on high alert cause of Venezuelan military exercises that begin today
Venezuela: Maduro activates his defense council and points to Colombia
President @NicolasMaduro: On the afternoon of this Monday there was a meeting with the accredited diplomatic corps in the country, more than 80 ambassadors attended, to whom they presented all the allegations of this war campaign against Venezuela
Diosdado Cabello: The problems of Colombia that are fixed by Colombia and do not want to put Venezuela into its internal affairs. We will not allow our soil to be trampled, invaded by foreign forces
Colombia will denounce Venezuela for protecting terrorists
Maduro urges the Public Ministry, controlled by his government, to act against @jguaido for alleged treason.
Iván Duque recommends Maduro not to spend on missiles but on food
[email protected] met in Colombia with daughter of President Donald Trump, @IvankaTrump
Diosdado Cabello justifies the armed struggle of narcoterrorist groups: "The leaders of the FARC, of the ELN, have many reasons to do what they are doing because they have not fulfilled promises."
Venezuela military exercises on border a 'threat': Colombia minister
In a third video the former FARC chiefs announced a new political movement. Iván Márquez said they will continue fighting for the "freedom of Colombia"
[email protected] to the FANB after alleged entry and protection of the FARC by Maduro "We must as a sovereign nation, face these irregular groups in Venezuela"
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