Map. History of Colombia conflict

18 April 2021
The Vice President of Brazil, @GeneralMourao, was received by the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of @CancilleriaCol, Luz Stella Jara, at the military airport of Catam for the meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Grupo De Lima2 year ago
The Vice President of Brazil, @GeneralMourao, was received by the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of @CancilleriaCol, Luz Stella Jara, at the military airport of Catam for the meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the "Grupo De Lima"
Colombian consulate officials, in San Cristóbal and San Antonio were escorted by the GNB and booed by followers of Maduro, after leaving the country cause breaking diplomatic relations
The Images of the Minister of Penitentiary Services at the International Bridge of Ureña. With armed civilians, with short and long weapons, next to Guards as if they were the same. Photos of EFE / Mauricio Dueñas
The CTI (Technical Investigative Body of the Prosecutor's Office) of Colombia, documents and verifies which GNB tear gas cylinders fall on the Colombian side
MP @DipChaimBucaran: After crackdown by National Guard and attacks of collectivos, MPs managed to leave Urena, already on the way to San Cristóbal
Heavy detonations are recorded at the Simón Bolívar international bridge. Venezuelan National Guard throws tear gas cylinders towards the Colombian side
National Guard officers fire tear gas cylinders towards the Colombian side of the Simón Bolívar bridge from armoured vehicles
The detonations continue on the side of Venezuela at the Simón Bolívar International Bridge.
Colombian police removes protesters from the international bridge in Ureña
Venezuelans try to climb the Francisco de Paula Santander bridge to face the Bolivarian National Guard.
Juan Guaidó arrives in Bogotá to participate this Monday in the Grupo De Lima meeting.2 year ago
Juan Guaidó arrives in Bogotá to participate this Monday in the Grupo De Lima meeting.
Young Venezuelans climb the (Ureña Bridge), they try to pass to the Venezuelan side. "We are young people fighting for our family and we are going to liberate Venezuela"
A hundred uniformed Venezuelans have defected since Saturday and have crossed into Colombia - Colombian immigration authority
Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice(in exile) declares that Maduro and those who follow his orders commit crime of genocide(against humanity) against the people of Venezuela.
Morning in Ureña: streets with rubble and people watching. Military cordon is maintained a few blocks before the customs of Ureña.
More from Ureña: burned buses, the border still closed and patrolled by anti riot GNB, the debris of the urban battle left out onto the street
Report from Táchira, citizens in Ureña set fire to a poster with images of Hugo Chávez and Maduro
Colombia closes the border crossings with Venezuela for two days to evaluate damages. 24 and 25 February.
Venezuelan MP Freddy Superlano and his assistant, who is also his cousin, were intoxicated after eating at a restaurant in Cucuta. The cousin of Superlano passed away, while he is in the clinic.
Situation at Simón Bolívar bridge 6:59 pm
MFA: Colombia orders the return of trucks that went with aid to Venezuela
285 injured, 255 of whom are Venezuelans. 37 are hospitalized. More than 60 soldiers have deserted, several of them officers who have requested refuge in Colombia.
Colombian Migration informs that there are already more than 60 Venezuelan Armed Forces officials this 23rd February crossed the border to adhere to the Constitution. 53 in Norte de Santander and 8 in Arauca.
Juan Guaidó will speak in minutes.
According to Migración Colombia, 23 members of the Armed Forces of Venezuela fled to Colombia: 2 PNB women, 1 FAES, 19 National Guard, 2 of them with their families. 1 Navy. Confirmed the burning of 2 of the vehicles trying to pass with humanitarian aid
Three trucks with humanitarian aid were burned by Maduro officials on a bridge, bordering Colombia. Strong repression of volunteers.
Venezuela breaks relations with Colombia, announces Maduro
Maduro to Iván Duque: You are a devil in person and you will dry up to get involved with Venezuela.
Clashes continue in Ureña, Táchira state, near the border with Colombia, between demonstrators and state security forces.
Migration Colombia: 13 Venezuelan military and police have defected from Maduro
Acting President @jguaido: I thank Colombia for supporting our noble goal
According to Colombia Civil Defense report more than 50 people were injured with asphyxia, fractures and asthma, when gas bombs were deployed in crackdown on the Simón Bolívar International Bridge
Maduro: 30 days later, the coup has failed and the victory belongs to us
@jguaido: Attention Venezuela. We announce that the humanitarian aid trucks coming from Colombia are already in Venezuelan territory.
Armed colectivos on streets of Ureña
Violent crackdown on the Ureña bridge after four truck with humanitarian aid tried to enter Venezuela
Officer of Special Forces of the Venezuelan National Police, arrives in Colombia and assures that "89% of his institution is in disagreement with the Maduro government"
Military that crossed the border into Colombia are placed at the order of the president in charge @jguaido
FAES official joins crowd in support of Humanitarian Aid and enters Colombian territory on Simón Bolívar international bridge
CNN reports that sources from the Government of Colombia confirmed that "the second in command of the GNB in Táchira has defected".
Cúcuta: Trucks with humanitarian assistance are advancing towards the border.
President Juan Guaidó begins the transfer of Humanitarian Aid to Venezuela.
Caravan of trucks with AyudaHumanitaria leave for the border area with Venezuela.
In Ureña Tachira Ladies in White on their knees begs GNB to let Humanitarian aid pass, they respond with tear gas
Crackdown in Ureña against volunteers who came to help the entrance of humanitarian aid
Colombia has blown up in a controlled demolition a building in Monaco where Drug lord Pablo Escobar lived in. Saying it was a tourist hotspot and neighbour complained about the crowd of tourists.
Militarymen who crossed into Colombia denounced Maduro, recognizes Guaido
Airborne over Cucuta area of Colombia is National Police UH60 Blackhawk helo PNC0610 at FL080 1359z photo @JetPhotos2 year ago
Airborne over Cucuta area of Colombia is National Police UH60 Blackhawk helo PNC0610 at FL080 1359z photo @JetPhotos
Soldiers from armoured vehicles crossed the border with Colombia(TeleSur video from other side)
Collectivos have arrived at Simón Bolívar Bridge
Photo: National Guards completely blocked Colombian-Venezuelan border in Urena
Colombian authorities have given the names and ranks of the three soldiers who defected: 1) Lt. Richard Sánchez Zambrano 2) Sgt. Mj. Edgar Torres Valera 3) Sgt. Mj. Oscar Suárez Torres
Inhabitants living in Ureña, Táchira state, removed barricades placed by National Guard officials.
"They are 30 or 40, we are millions of Venezuelans who want freedom." - Venezuelan soldier who crossed into Colombia
National Guard troops begin to deploy on the banks of the Tachira River, the border between Venezuela and Colombia
Duque and @jguaido arrived at Tienditas bridge. To make a statement soon
The 'White Ladies of Tachira' have arrived in Ureña to march demanding open border and entrance of humanitarian aid. Peaceful here, while two blocks down the road is riots and teargas
Army Sergeant Linarez speaking after defecting to Colombia, urging other to rebel against regime
In Capacho Tachira, National Guard blocked the pass and prevents traffic to San Antonio border with Colombia
Diosdado Cabello assures that no foreign soldier is going to move to Venezuela, "whoever does it runs the risk of being answered as an invader," he said from the border with Colombia.
Exact moment of the desertion of the Venezuelan military in at Simon Bolivar bridge and received from the Colombian side
The neighbors of the Santander Bridge cheer the Venezuelan sergeant who has just deserted
3 soldiers who broke the barriers at the International Simón Bolívar bridge and defected to the Colombian side. 1 first lieutenant and 2 sergeants
Two GNB armoured vehicles rammed into barriers at the Simón Bolívar international bridge, 3 GNB guarders have surrendered to Colombia
3 members of the Venezuelan Guard have just deserted the Maduro, at the Simón Bolívar International Bridge and have requested assistance from Migración Colombia
Tachira: In Ureña, GNB troops are throwing tear gas at the people, demanding the pass through Francisco de Paula Santander international bridge linking with Colombia.
Two Venezuelan military personnel surrendered to the Colombian authorities after an incident with a tank on the Simón Bolívar international bridge
Colombian Police advances towards the Simón Bolívar International Bridge.
Two military vehicles on the side of Venezuela knocked down the structures that closing passage to Colombia. There is a wounded woman. Two soldiers from the FANB went to Colombia and met with MP Olivares. One of the military is wounded in the face.
National Guard(GNB) around the Simón Bolívar international bridge
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