20 July 2024
2 month ago
Colombia to cut diplomatic ties with Israel: President Gustavo Petro
3 month ago
Lula travels to Colombia to meet with Petro with the Venezuelan elections on his agenda
Colombian Ambassador to Venezuela: "Solutions must be sought for Venezuela, but not through imposition or force"
6 month ago
Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strikes Colombia: EMSC
Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia offer help to Ecuador against gangs
7 month ago
Captured Wanda del Valle, partner of 'Maldito Cris' from the Aragua Train, in Bogotá
9 month ago
Colombian military Mi-17 helicopter crashed onto a house in Anori, Antioquia. Reports of injured civilians and military personnel but no reports of fatalities.
9 month ago
Motorcyclist tried to flee during a Police control operation in the Mesón de los Búcaros, in Bucaramanga, to prevent the uniformed officers from discovering that he was transporting a kilo of marijuana in his vehicle. The man was captured
10 month ago
Voracious forest fire broken out in the Altos de Menga of Cali, Colombia
10 month ago
Wildfire broken out in the Altos de Menga of north of Cali, Colombia
10 month ago
Panama studies closing its border with Colombia due to the increase in the transit of migrants through the Darién
Colombia-Massive 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit Bogota, Colombia11 month ago
Colombia-Massive 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit Bogota, Colombia
In the city of Medellín it is perceived as a the magnitude 6.6 earthquake that had its epicenter on the border coast between Panama and Panama. and Colombia.
Earthquake    This was perceived in Cali the sismo of magnitude 6.6 that had its epicenter on the coast between  Panama and  Colombia.1 year ago
Earthquake This was perceived in Cali the sismo of magnitude 6.6 that had its epicenter on the coast between Panama and Colombia.
Colombian President @petrogustavo invited by @POTUS to @WhiteHouse Thursday
Alias Sussy, the powerful Chinese captured in Bogotá has a record for human trafficking and has lived in the country for 36 years
According to the Colombian Geological Service, the earthquake had a magnitude of 5.9 Epicenter: Santander. At the moment, no material damage or human losses have been reported.
In several residential complexes in Bucaramanga and in Barrancabermeja neighborhoods, citizens chose to evacuate their homes after the 5.9 tremor that occurred in Santander this Friday
At 4:18 am this Friday, the alarms began to sound in Bogotá, after the 5.9 earthquake that had its epicenter in Santander. At the @BOG_ELDORADO airport there were also moments of panic
1 year ago
.@SpaceX: Starlink ahora está disponible en todo Colombia
Colombia President Petro says "fascism has decided to stage a coup" in brazil, calls for an OAS meeting - Twitter
A man and a minor seriously injured after they shot several times at the vehicle in which they were traveling along Avenida Boyacá with 116, in a south-north direction, in Bogotá
Ministry of Defense: Alias 'Chinga' or 'La Z', one of the most wanted in Valle del Cauca and a member of the criminal group 'Los Flacos' was captured in the last few hours. 'Chinga' imposed homicide as a means to maintain control over the territory FuerzaParaLaPaz @PoliciaColombia
Emergencia en una mina de La Uvita, Boyacá: hay dos mineros muertos
On Tuesday, the Presidents of Venezuela and Colombia signed a declaration on bilateral cooperation in border security and the fight against drug trafficking, among others.
President @NicolasMaduro receives @petrogustavo at the Presidential Palace in Caracas for the first bilateral meeting since the reestablishment of political and diplomatic relations between Venezuela and Colombia
1 year ago
A 3.8-magnitude earthquake struck off the Southern California coast on Thursday morning
Colombia will resume peace talks with the ELN next month with Venezuela, Cuba and Norway acting as guarantor states
Colombia confirms that ten armed groups have ordered a unilateral ceasefire
Bogotá: After three days of searching, firefighters from Cundinamarca found this body. So far they rule out the possibility of finding a second body