13 June 2021
1 year ago
Colombian military is on high alert cause of Venezuelan military exercises that begin today
Venezuela: Maduro activates his defense council and points to Colombia
President @NicolasMaduro: On the afternoon of this Monday there was a meeting with the accredited diplomatic corps in the country, more than 80 ambassadors attended, to whom they presented all the allegations of this war campaign against Venezuela
Diosdado Cabello: The problems of Colombia that are fixed by Colombia and do not want to put Venezuela into its internal affairs. We will not allow our soil to be trampled, invaded by foreign forces
Colombia will denounce Venezuela for protecting terrorists
Maduro urges the Public Ministry, controlled by his government, to act against @jguaido for alleged treason.
Iván Duque recommends Maduro not to spend on missiles but on food
[email protected] met in Colombia with daughter of President Donald Trump, @IvankaTrump
Diosdado Cabello justifies the armed struggle of narcoterrorist groups: "The leaders of the FARC, of the ELN, have many reasons to do what they are doing because they have not fulfilled promises."
Venezuela military exercises on border a 'threat': Colombia minister
In a third video the former FARC chiefs announced a new political movement. Iván Márquez said they will continue fighting for the "freedom of Colombia"
[email protected] to the FANB after alleged entry and protection of the FARC by Maduro "We must as a sovereign nation, face these irregular groups in Venezuela"
Maduro accuses Colombia of "maneuver" to "start a military conflict" with Venezuela. Ordered high alert for army and to launch exercises on the border
Maduro declares alert on the border with Colombia and orders military exercises
[email protected] announces that satellite technology will be used to detect irregular groups that are in Venezuela
President Guaidó: Maduro is a traitor to national sovereignty, he finances terrorist groups such as the ELN and the Farc
PSUV condemns "planned terrorist actions from Colombia to destabilize Venezuela"
PSUV condemns planned terrorist actions from Colombia to destabilize Venezuela
A soldier was killed and four more were injured this Sunday in a fight against ELN guerrillas. The incident occurred in a rural area of the department of Arauca, bordering with Venezuela.
Diosdado Cabello denies that Venezuela supports the FARC to retake arms
Duque says there is no new FARC but drug traffickers supported by Maduro
Colombia: UN Verification Mission in Colombia (@MisionONUCol) rejects the announcement of the FARC guerrilla group to return to arms
Colombian President @IvanDuque accuses the Venezuelan president @NicolasMaduro of housing the FARC rebels
1 year ago
Colombia @PartidoFARC announces launch of a new offensive, three years after a peace deal was signed with the government
1 year ago
Colombia's FARC dissidents say will launch new offensive because of failure to implement the accord
1 year ago
Former FARC number 2, Iván Márquez, whose whereabouts were unknown for a year and a half, announces that he will resume the armed struggle with "The new FARC", has disclosed it in an Internet video, in which he is observed with Jesús Santrich and people with rifles
Iván Màrquez, the number 2 of the FARC has appeared alongside other leaders of FARC to announce a new stage of armed struggle and a return to arms by the group. This is just 3 weeks after he was accused of travelling to Cuba from Caracas
1 year ago
Colombia: Clashes between the Army and the ELN guerrillas in Antioquia
Colombia will launch a contingency plan before Ecuador requests a visa for Venezuelan migrants
Colombia laments lack of aid for growing Venezuela migration crisis
American ship arrived in Colombia to serve natives and Venezuelans as part of the humanitarian mission.1 year ago
American ship arrived in Colombia to serve natives and Venezuelans as part of the humanitarian mission.
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