Map. History of Colombia conflict

22 January 2018
Colombia: A police vehicle torched by angry residents in Carepa, Antioquia, during a second day of violent protests for the construction of three new tolls in the area.
#Combombia Fire in Transmilenio left six people wounded three of them with burns of first degree and the three remaining ones with light traumas
#Colombia The FARC will go to the International Court of Justice to enforce the peace agreements
Colombia: Indigenous people face militaries in Santander de Quilichao, Cauca, on Jan 4
The FARC recognizes that the peace process is going through "difficult moments"
2 week ago
#Colombia One dead and several injured during civic strike in Urabá #Antioquia
Among the issues that Pepe Mujica and Felipe González review of the peace agreement are the social and economic reincorporation of ex-combatants and the creation of infrastructure for the municipalities most affected by the conflict.
'Clan del Golfo' would be behind attack at disco of Caucasia
The Prosecutor's Office in #Colombia seized assets of the #Farc valued at 1.3 billion pesos
. @mindefensa announced that the police in Antioquia captured 'Tilico' and 'Carmenza', alleged perpetrators of the attack in Caucasia that left at least 25 people injured
Explosion leaves 31 injured in a bar in Colombia
In #Colombia government grants 1,500 million pesos to develop productive projects in the restituted lands and housing subsidies for a value of 1,100 million pesos
3 week ago
Colombia: Detained members of the Gulf Clan involved in 11 homicides
Two dead and three wounded in armed attack in Tibú
1 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 5km SW of Andalucia, Colombia
1 month ago
#Colombia: Nariño is again the victim of clashes between armed groups
President Santos signed extradition of Don Mario1 month ago
President Santos signed extradition of "Don Mario"
At least 20 injured in traffic accident in Pradera
1 month ago
Colombia: Farc admits that they forced pregnant guerrillas to abort to remain in the group
1 month ago
#Colombia: Santos plans to bring new people to negotiate with the Colombian National Liberation Army.
1 month ago
#Colombia: Police Major Hector Fabio Murillo was Arrested for helping the Gulf Clan
1 month ago
Colombia - FARC peace agreement: Only 17 % of what was agreed in Havana has been fulfilled and FARC denounce the annihilation of "key elements" of the peace agreement
Venezuela opposition leader Ledezma flees to Colombia: media
2 month ago
Colombia's Senate approves peace tribunals for ex-rebels
2 month ago
#Colombia: 30 families displaced from Tumaco due to confrontations between FARC dissidents
2 month ago
. @gabyarellanoVE: We are going to send a request to UN to open a humanitarian channel to Venezuela
2 month ago
. @ gabyarellanoVE, @VoluntadPopular: "Ombudsman of Colombia asked President Santos to activate the humanitarian corridor for Venezuelans, we will ask UNHCR to activate the humanitarian corridor"
Colombia police have seized 12 tons of cocaine - the largest single drug seizure in the history of the country. The drugs were discovered stored underground when around 400 anti-narcotics police stormed four farms in a banana-growing area
Foreign Minister of Colombia Maria Angela Holguin Cuellar arrives in Delhi2 month ago
Foreign Minister of Colombia Maria Angela Holguin Cuellar arrives in Delhi
2 month ago
Colombia could declare emergency to save peace process