10 December 2023
On Tuesday, the Presidents of Venezuela and Colombia signed a declaration on bilateral cooperation in border security and the fight against drug trafficking, among others.
President @NicolasMaduro receives @petrogustavo at the Presidential Palace in Caracas for the first bilateral meeting since the reestablishment of political and diplomatic relations between Venezuela and Colombia
1 year ago
A 3.8-magnitude earthquake struck off the Southern California coast on Thursday morning
Colombia will resume peace talks with the ELN next month with Venezuela, Cuba and Norway acting as guarantor states
Colombia confirms that ten armed groups have ordered a unilateral ceasefire
Bogotá: After three days of searching, firefighters from Cundinamarca found this body. So far they rule out the possibility of finding a second body
AFP: Venezuela and Colombia restore diplomatic relations after a 3-year hiatus
Shooting in Suba, Bogotá, between criminals who stole a motorcycle and policemen: a thief died
"Iván Mordisco" and nine other criminals were killed in a bombing in San Vicente del Caguán, Caquetá
1 year ago
"There is information that Iván Márquez was looking to leave Venezuela at any cost", affirmed the Minister of Defense of Colombia about the leader of the dissident cells of the FARC who died on Venezuelan soil.
President Duque: "We have a relationship of Siamese brothers with Venezuela. We have already welcomed almost two million migrants in our territory, but clearly Maduro is a criminal against humanity"
"Maduro cannot enter Colombia, into the possession of Gustavo Petro, while I am the president": Iván Duque.
1 year ago
At least 49 inmates killed and dozens injured during attempted prison escape in southwest Colombia – official
Iván Duque: "You can win with 50%, but you cannot govern with 50% against"
At least 4 dead, dozens wounded after stadium collapse in Espinal, Colombia - Local media
Former guerrilla Gustavo Petro wins Colombian election to become first leftist president
Iván Duque before the plenary of the Summit of the Americas: "We cannot remain silent in the face of the dictatorships of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua"
Bogota: The Mayor's Office of Bogota reported that there were injuries after the protests at the District University in the south of Bogota
1 year ago
A few minutes ago there was a riot at the station in the municipal district of Cali. The @PoliciaCali confirms that four inmates were injured, one seriously. The men, foreigners and locals, would have attacked each other with sharp toothbrushes
Unfortunate result of serious plane crash. The aircraft covered the route Villavicencio (Meta) - Piracuara - Mitú (Vaupés). The pilot, two Claro communication technicians and a soldier died in the incident.
Massacre in Buga, Valle: three young people dead and one seriously injured leaves armed attack in a park
President Iván Duque repudiated the murder of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci: "We will find those responsible"
1 year ago
Macabre murders in Bogotá: the victim was stabbed 161 times and his body was thrown in a bag
Colombia must "cease" interference in Nicaraguan waters - International Court of Justice
1 year ago
Three soldiers killed and five wounded in an attack with explosives in Frontino, Antioquia. In addition, according to the Army, four soldiers "are pending location." They attribute the fact to the Clan del Golfo
The presence of non-state armed groups and criminal groups has increased violence in Venezuela, especially on the border with Colombia and in the mining regions, with hundreds of Venezuelans forcibly displaced. - Denounced by the UN and Bachelet
1 year ago
At least 1,500 soldiers will monitor highways in Antioquia with a higher risk of criminal actions
One dead and one wounded leave clashes between the Army and dissidents in Guadalupe, Antioquia1 year ago
One dead and one wounded leave clashes between the Army and dissidents in Guadalupe, Antioquia
The president of Colombia, @IvanDuque, reported that the United States sent 40 ASV M1117 military vehicles to "strengthen the operational capabilities" of the Armed Forces of that country
Three dead soldiers and ten more wounded leave an attack with explosives in Ituango, Antioquia1 year ago
Three dead soldiers and ten more wounded leave an attack with explosives in Ituango, Antioquia