Map. History of Colombia conflict

14 December 2017
Colombia: Farc admits that they forced pregnant guerrillas to abort to remain in the group
#Colombia: Santos plans to bring new people to negotiate with the Colombian National Liberation Army.
#Colombia: Police Major Hector Fabio Murillo was Arrested for helping the Gulf Clan
Colombia - FARC peace agreement: Only 17 % of what was agreed in Havana has been fulfilled and FARC denounce the annihilation of "key elements" of the peace agreement
Venezuela opposition leader Ledezma flees to Colombia: media
Colombia's Senate approves peace tribunals for ex-rebels
#Colombia: 30 families displaced from Tumaco due to confrontations between FARC dissidents
. @gabyarellanoVE: We are going to send a request to UN to open a humanitarian channel to Venezuela
. @ gabyarellanoVE, @VoluntadPopular: "Ombudsman of Colombia asked President Santos to activate the humanitarian corridor for Venezuelans, we will ask UNHCR to activate the humanitarian corridor"
Colombia police have seized 12 tons of cocaine - the largest single drug seizure in the history of the country. The drugs were discovered stored underground when around 400 anti-narcotics police stormed four farms in a banana-growing area
Foreign Minister of Colombia Maria Angela Holguin Cuellar arrives in Delhi
Colombia could declare emergency to save peace process
Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 - 9km SSE of Inza, Colombia
The FARC launch the presidential campaign of the former guerrilla leader "Timochenko"
1 civilian dead and another wounded at the Tame Army checkpoint
#Venezuela: Venezuelan immigration to Colombia grew 38% in four months
FARC denounces murder of family in Meta
#Colombia: UN asks to investigate the murder of indigenous leader
Earthquake of magnitude 4.8 - 38km WNW of Agustin Codazzi, Colombia
President of Colombia convenes National Commission for Security Guarantees for crisis in Tumaco
FARC asks CNE to grant them legal status
#Colombia Santos: We want those who were part of Farc to use their skills to be productive
#Colombia Government provided 2 million pesos to about 10,000 former members of the #Farc
Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 - 7km NE of El Playon, Colombia
ELN chief orders his guerrillas to comply with the bilateral ceasefire in Colombia.
4.1M earthquake shaked Apure
#Colombia: man was detained, who made bomb threats at Bogotá Mall
Irregular situation on the Colombian-Venezuelan border. Simon Bolivar Bridge.
#ELN violates the cessation of hostilities after 13 days of implementation
Santos on possible US military intervention in Venezuela: That would only make the situation worse