Map. History of Colombia conflict

17 August 2017
According to official figures in the last ten days 12 FARC dissidents were killed in clashes with official forces
President Juan Manuel Santos declared the country's 50-year conflict with FARC guerrillas "truly over"
Colombia declares conflict with FARC over, with disarmament complete
Video: Venezuelans queue in the center of Cúcuta #Colombia to receive a food ration
US Vice President Mike Pence condemns far-right groups that staged a deadly rally in Charolettesville, Virginia
"With the Armed Forces, we are eradicating illicit crops. Every week we analyze the process" - Santos
"Colombia, the country that has made more sacrifices to the war against drugs, but we are still exporters" [email protected]
"On aerial fumigation: did not produce the expected results, increased coca production" : @JuanManSantos
"We hope that peace will thrive as a result of the agreement, but we believe that key issues need to be addressed, judicial reform"- @VP
Colombia has no better ally and friend than the United States of America - Vice President Mike Pence
"We are going to continue placing diplomatic pressure on Venezuela, not only with this trip but also in the future" - @VP
"The people of Venezuela deserve to return to democracy. Venezuela goes towards a dictatorship and that is unacceptable" = @VP
A military intervention is not acceptable for any Latin American country. We want the exit to be negotiated - @JuanManSantos
The United States will continue to use economic and political power. We will not allow Venezuela to become a dictatorship: @VP
Vice President USA Mike Pence, offers his first greeting in Colombian territory
VP of USA Mike Pence, arrives in Colombia, on the first visit of his Latin American tour
Colombia: @CorteSupremaJ calls to declare @JuanManSantos and his cabinet for the case @OdebrechtSA
Colombia: With German and EU funds, UNMAS helped @COL_SIN_MINAS become the 1st civilian Colombian demining organization.
Government issues rules for medical and scientific use of cannabis
Explosion in Bello is the attack against the Esmad
Massive exodus of Venezuelans continues on the border with Colombia
Garbage workers report delays of up to five hours to unload at Doña Juana dump in Bogotá
Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 - 36km E of Guican, Colombia
UNMAS supports efforts to free Colombia of landmines by 2021
Colombia expressed its rejection against dismissal of the prosecutor general of Venezuela, Luisa Ortega
The origin of oil spills in the Magdalena River to be investigated
Colombia opened “migration center” in Cucuta for Venezuelans who are fleeing the crisis
President Santos does not recognize results of the "spurious" Constituent vote
Bank accounts opened for 5000 FARC fighters as a means to ease return to civilian life in Colombia
5 people with bullet wounds from the frontier city of Ureña were transferred to the Hospital of Cúcuta Táchira