Francisco "Pacho" Maturana was a victim of thieves in Antioquia

Map. History of Colombia conflict

25 September 2018
Francisco Pacho Maturana was a victim of thieves in Antioquia2 week ago
Francisco "Pacho" Maturana was a victim of thieves in Antioquia
2 week ago
Explosion in San Juan del Lozada, jurisdiction of San Vicente del Caguán, left three wounded soldiers
Collective burial of children who died in the middle of a fire in Tierralta, Córdoba
OAS Group for Venezuelan migration will travel to Colombia
Serious fire in the business center of the municipality of Girardota, Antioquia
At this time there is a large-scale fire in a warehouse in the municipality of Girardota, Antioquia
The firemen controlled a fire in one of the tallest buildings in Medellín. The emergency did not leave injured people
2 week ago
Colombia's ELN rebel group has released three soldiers kidnapped last month, El Tiempo newspaper reports. The release of hostages was a condition given by the government for the continuation of peace talks with the ELN.
Diosdado denies mass exodus of Venezuelans: In Colombia -the Venezuelan migrants- they put them to work, they ride them on a bus and then they take them down, and they put them on the roads because they have to put on the show
2 week ago
The High Commissioner for Peace, Miguel Ceballos, blamed the guerrilla National Liberation Army ELN for the safety of the 19 hostages and reiterated the decision of the Colombian government not to negotiate kidnappings with any illegal organization.
Colombia: Guerrilla group ELN assures that they will free their hostages on their own2 week ago
#Colombia: Guerrilla group #ELN assures that they will free their hostages on their own
From the Simón Bolívar International Bridge, prosecutor Ortega Díaz: The Maduro regime represents a real threat to the security and stability of the region
3 week ago
The president of #Colombia Iván Duque declared that the Venezuelan exodus should not be assumed by his country alone, so he insists that Latin America should look for proposals such as a temporary migratory status and help them in their trance.
3 week ago
Colombia, Ecuador and Peru ratify their commitment to respect the human rights of Venezuelan migrants. Colombian Foreign Minister visits the border to evaluate Venezuelan migration.
Arauquita, Arauca, Colombia: three soldiers were wounded by ELN attack
4 week ago
The anti-corruption referendum in Colombia did not reach the necessary threshold of votes. The referendum won just over 11,600,000 votes, when it needed 12,100,000 to be valid.
4 week ago
#Colombia More than two million Colombians have voted in the Anticorruption referendum today
1 month ago
One dead and 22 injured in a serious traffic accident in Córdoba
1 month ago
#Ecuador organizes a meeting of foreign ministers to discuss Venezuelan migration (Chancellery).
From the Simón Bolívar Bridge we talk 3 years about the closing of the Colombo-Venezuelan border
1 month ago
Colombia tests drones to destroy coca plants used for cocaine
Ecuador: Colombian bus involved in road accident with 24 dead near Quito was carrying 80 kgs of cocaine1 month ago
#Ecuador: Colombian bus involved in road accident with 24 dead near Quito was carrying 80 kgs of cocaine
In just 40 seconds, eight thieves robbed car wash in Medellín
1 month ago
A citizen was arrested at the international bridge Rumichaca, on the border of Colombia with Ecuador, when he tried to enter 48 packages of marijuana hidden in an oil pump bound for Quito.
One dead and five injured after collision between a van, a motorcycle and a truck in Santander
1 month ago
"The USNS Comfort vessel, with the capacity to transport combat helicopters, is a threat against Venezuela" added the Bolivian President
The Bolivian governor condemned on Twitter the "covert invasion of the US government to Latin America," considering that the humanitarian function of shipping the boat is an "excuse"
The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, described as a "covert invasion" the decision taken by the United States and Colombia to coordinate the arrival in the South American country of a hospital ship for humanitarian purposes, to serve Venezuelan migrants.
Police capture the alleged perpetrator of the shooting attack where a cousin of Teófilo Gutiérrez died
Two wounded in ceiling collapse in Montería shopping center
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