Map. History of Colombia conflict

26 September 2017
#Colombia: man was detained, who made bomb threats at Bogotá Mall
Irregular situation on the Colombian-Venezuelan border. Simon Bolivar Bridge.
#ELN violates the cessation of hostilities after 13 days of implementation
Santos on possible US military intervention in Venezuela: That would only make the situation worse
President Santos confirmed that the central topic of meeting with Trump is the crisis in Venezuela.
#Colombia: Judge Gustavo Malo will think about resignation "with cold head"
Ex-prosecutor @lortegadiaz: I will show cases of drug trafficking in Venezuela
Prime Minister of Israel described Venezuela as a great tragedy
#Israel Prime Minister Continues Tour in Latin America Calling for Union between Nations
#Colombia: #Farc has no deeds of all the properties that it delivered in inventory
About seven thousand Venezuelans are homeless in Colombia
Colombian Armed Forces Celebrate Progress on Target Set for Elimination of Illicit Crops
From Cartagena, Pope Francisco prays for Venezuela: Calls for political violence to cease and solution to the crisis to be found
President Maduro: In #Venezuela there is the oil that Colombia needs, but we will not give it as Santos wants
Cardinal Urosa Savino after meeting with the Pope: The government of Nicolás Maduro is not interested in negotiating
Urosa Savino after meeting with the Pope: It is not possibility of a dialogue in Venezuela with a totalitarian government.
Three killed in clashes between Army and Gulf Clan in Cordoba
Pope Francisco begins his journey to Bogota
Pope Francisco arrives in Colombia and is received by President Santos. It's 5 days of official visit
The plane that The Pope has landed in Bogota
The Pope plane is over Colombia
This is the #CATAM airbase where @Pontifex will land in minutes
Colombia Constitutional Court will discuss agreements with the FARC
#Colombia @TimoFARC Timochenko - is elected president of the FARC political party
Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 - 7km ENE of Aratoca, Colombia
Ceasefire with Colombia's ELN to begin October 1: president
Colombia government, ELN rebels agree to ceasefire: rebels
El Tiempo: 350,000 Venezuelans have settled in Colombia in the last 6 years
The Colombian rebel group ELN has admitted the murder of Russian citizen Arsen Voskanyan. The representative of the militants said he was killed while trying to escape
Tomorrow Venezuelan opposition will make important announcements about visit of @Pontifex to #Colombia and its implications on Venezuela