Map. History of Colombia conflict

21 July 2017
"Red alert" issued for Colombian provinces from AGC (Las Autodefensas Gaitanistas de #Colombia)
Venezuelans voting in Popular referendum in Bogota Colombia
Costa Rica police have arrested Colombian man suspected of threatening to stage an attack at Ariana Grande concert
.@UN Security Council just adopted resolution 2366 establishing 2nd @UNPeacekeeping Mission in Colombia
Fire at the market square of Itagüí (Antioquia)
Santos condemned "acts of violence in the Venezuela Assembly"
Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 - 7km NE of Lejanias, Colombia
Santos: "Colombia, the international community, is ready to help the peaceful resolution that Venezuela needs"
Santos: "I will not answer to the President Maduro. He wants a foreign conflict to divert attention away from Venezuela internal problems"
FARC rebels declare disarmament: "Goodbye to war. We will continue as a legal and democratic movement using words as our only weapon"
China lodges protest with India both in New Delhi and Beijing over "crossing of border" by Indian troops: Chinese Foreign Ministry
UN says Colombia's FARC rebels have handed over almost all individual weapons
Video shows the moment a tourist boat carrying about 200 people sank in Colombia; up to 100 still missing
Boat with more than 150 people sank at the dam Penol, Guatape, Antioquia, Colombia
Some passengers rescued alive after tourist boat sinks in northwest Colombia; search and rescue operation underway
Initial reports of at least 25 dead after a Boat carrying 150 tourists goes down in the Guatape reservoir, Colombia.
Boat in Colombia carrying 150 tourists goes down in reservoir: air force
Colombia's FARC to finish disarming on Friday: President @JuanManSantos says
Colombian rebel group National Liberation Army (ELN) announces plans to free two Dutch journalists
During a joint operation of the Armed Forces and National Police in the municipality of Cartagena del Chairá, Caquetá, three men belonging to the dissidents of the seventh front of the FARC were captured, whose head nicknamed 'Euclides Mora'.
3 killed, 9 others injured in blast at shopping mall in Bogota, Colombia, mayor calls incident a 'cowardly terrorist attack'
Three Venezuelan citizens were arrested in northern Colombia for alleged arms trafficking
Mumbai, India: Narcotics Control Bureau held a Columbian national with drugs worth Rs 36 Cr ; drugs were concealed in a laptop and 2 laptop bags
Colombia: During student protest in memory of fallen Colombian students at Universidad del Valle of Cali yesterday.
Colombian Government and ELN started a third week of peace talks in Quito
Army shot dead FARC dissidents, accused them in kidnapping UN stuff last month in Calamar, Guaviare
Clashes on the south of Cali between students and riot police
The Colombian Defense Ministry said Monday that the armored vehicles deployed near the Paraguachón border crossing, linking the country with Venezuela, only serve a crime control function and have been in that area since 2015 by an agreement between both nations
Venezuela rejects “provocation” of Colombia with combat vehicles at the border in Paraguachón
Venezuela pushed tanks to the border with Colombia at Paraguachon